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For those looking for a free background check or reverse phone search, the bad news is that a real background check or reverse phone search is not free and never has been. Here are some insights to both of these searches.

For a reverse phone search, a real detective agency would assign a PI to manually obtain the owners name and address information for a fee, typically $100 or so. This type of search works exceptionally well, but the problem is that it is in the “grey-area” at best legally due to the fact that the investigator will have to use a pretext or ruse to fraudulently obtain the phone number information.

This practice has escaped oversight until recent years, where several very high profile cases highlighted this type of snooping. The increased scrutiny and legal action against those engaged in this type of activity has not lessened the demand for the type of search in the least.

To fill this public need for fast and effective reverse phone information, one company in particular has stepped up to offer an outstanding and completely legal phone search service. In our tests, we have seen an very high percentage of successful reverse phone searches. In fact, it’s almost as effective as having a PI pretext the information from the phone company directly.

We also offer a reverse address search and directory of phone lookups and telephone service information by state by name, address or phone number. Search by a person’s name and address to find a phone number for people or by business name or address to find a business phone number. Find phone numbers anyone in the US to see who owns a phone number and get more information about any phone number and resources to find out who the owner is.

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